Top 5 resources for good webdesigning
September 23, 2016 | 2544 Views

Top 5 resources for good webdesigning

Before we start creating web design or mobile app design, the gathering of all necessary resources is an important fragment. Here are the top 5 resources that will really help us to achieve amazing web design or app designs.

1. Fonts | Google Fonts

Choosing the fonts for our project or website is a key factor which makes the contents more prepossessing. The font plays a significant role in our project or web designing. Google fonts are the amazing place where we can choose free web fonts for our project.

Google font catalogs are the free and open source, and it is accessible to anyone for any projects or any websites. Google fonts make the website more beautiful, fast and compatible with all browsers and open through great typography or contents.

Pick the right font for your Project : Google Fonts

2. Dummy contents | Lorem Ipsum

Contents are the next super factor while designing your project or website. Adding the random text of your own may make the design bad, it won't be good to see and it makes your boss unhappy.

Lorem ipsum is the land of free dummy texts which is available in multiple languages. You just need to hit the generate button and copy the text and use them in your design : Lorem Ipsum

3. Choose your colors | Adobe Color CC tool.

Colors are the things which highlight the web design. It is pretty boring to have just one single color throughout your entire project or website. To make your design more interesting and more professional, you should keep accent colors to highlight attention-worthy parts of the project or website such as links, quotes, buttons, offers, box or subtitles.

Choosing the best and adaptive accent color is very difficult for many of us. Adobe Color CC tool is an online tool where we can play around with the colors and we can choose primary color, accent color and shades of one color for our project.

Paint your design with adaptive colors: Adobe Color CC tool

4. Iconic Font | Fontawesome & Google Material Icons

Icons are prominent and effective than text(s). Icons represents thousands of words by which users can understand the correct interpretations better with text alone than with icons alone.

Text alone in websites or design is horrible and it is quite boring to the user or visitors. The website with attractive icons makes the audience understand easily instead of reading some texts.

There are many websites and tools which provides free icons for your design. Instead of using image as icon iconic fonts will be right choice because that will be desktop friendly and scalable

Font awesome is the one which gives us scalable vector icons that can be instantly customized in size, color, and anything. Google material Icons is another one which provides free icons for your website, Android apps and iOS apps

Learn more about: Font Awesome

Learn more about: Google Material Icons

5. Free Stock Images | unsplash & pixabay

Images are the foremost thing for your design or website. There are lot of websites providing amazing stock image. Here are some lists which provide free stock images with no copyrights and with no attribution required.

Unsplash : is the website where we can download any image posted by other peoples for free and use them for any purpose and it is fully scalable and attribution required.

Pixabay : the images on Pixabay are released with free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. It is not scalable and attribution is not required*.

These are all the five resources to design creative webdesign or mobile app design. | written by themeswild

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